About Us

At Birralee Pre-School, we present a program which is developmentally based.  The social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of each child is assessed and planned for through natural, spontaneous play facilitating growth towards the next stage of development.  The child must therefore act on his or her environment to finally make sense out of his or her world.

With the direction of The 'Department of Education & Training' (DET) in relation to The Victorian Early Years Learning Framwork (EYLF), the teachers role is to promote active learning across all categories of knowledge by providing an environment in which each child can explore activley with all the senses, use his/her body, practice his/her developing skills, develop independence, and exercise creative abilities.  The teacher is constantly encouraging each child to be autonomous, to interact with others, to recognise and resolve his/her own conflicts, to be curious and to be confident in what he/she does.


We believe children learn best by doing rather than being told, so active learning is the heart of our developmentally orientated pre-school program.

We are a feeder Kindergarten to Holy Saviour Primary School, Weeden Heights Primary School and Livingstone Primary School. 

We are a Sun Smart Kindergarten