Communication with families is so important these days and we here at Birralee Pre-School, value highly the benefit communication brings.

We communicate with parent's using a number of different mediums, depending on the circumstance. 

These include:

- Flexibuzz App on smart phones (more information below)

- Email

- Website

- Face to Face

- Phone

- Hard copy notices in the children's boxes

- Notice board on the back of the front door 

It is important that you keep your email and phone details up to date. If your details change - please email the Pre-School at

Flexibuzz App

We have recently begun to use the Flexibuzz App to communicate with Parent's.

To use the App:

1 - Search for 'Flexibuzz' in your app store (Apple or Android) or go to


2 - Download the App


3 - Select the 'Search' icon and type in 'Birralee'

4 - Once you've found us - click 'Add'

5 - Select the appropriate groups to join (based on which group your child is in)

6 - Click 'Home' to see the recent posts

For more information - click here ->