Enrolment Process

To enrol your child at Birralee Pre-School or any Kinder in the Whitehorse area, you are required to contact the Whitehorse Pre-School Association (WPSA). The WPSA oversees enrolments across Whitehorse. You can enrol your child from their second birthday onwards.

To enrol your child:

1)    Complete an enrolment form. Forms are available from any Whitehorse kindergarten, City of Whitehorse Council Office, City of Whitehorse Maternal and Child Health Centres, Whitehorse Information Centre at Forest Hill Shopping Centre or by going to www.wpsa.com.au and downloading a form from the ‘Enrolment’ section


2)    Return the completed enrolment form to the WPSA together with the booking fee and additional paperwork as outlined on the form


The WPSA then processes all enrolment forms and distributes them to the Enrolment Officers of the preferred pre-school after enrolments close on 30th June